Einstein Voice: Salesforce opens the way for the new era of conversational CRM

Salesforce, the world leader in CRM, announced Einstein Voice, a new platform service that delivers the power of voice to millions of Salesforce users. With Einstein Voice, any user will be able to talk to Salesforce, opening up new possibilities for employees to work smarter and connect with their customers in new and interesting ways.

“We are in the midst of incredible technological change, where the power of voice is fundamentally changing our way of working,” said Parker Harris, co-founder and CTO of Salesforce. “Einstein Voice will mark the beginning of a new era of conversational CRM, providing new levels of productivity and redefining customer experiences with voice technology.”

The voice is the new user interface of the company

The emergence of voice-enabled technologies illustrates the unprecedented pace of computer innovation in the fourth Industrial Revolution and its widespread impact on the way we work and live. The convergence of connected devices and advances in natural language processing makes voice-activated interfaces ubiquitous. Today, one in five American adults has smart speakers in their homes and Capgemini predicts that for 2021, 40 percent of consumers will use voice technology in applications and websites to perform a wide range of activities, from search to shopping. For companies, this represents more than a new way of interacting with technology, but it is a completely new way of interacting with customers and re-imagining commercial models.

Einstein Voice Assistant Supercharges the ProductividadEinstein, the Salesforce IA platform, already offers more than three billion predictions a day, helping our customers make more intelligent and impactful decisions by acting as a smart CRM sales assistant, Services, marketing, trade and more. Now, the company offers the same voice technology that feeds convenient and efficient experiences in our consumer life to Salesforce with Einstein Voice. By arming users with the ability to talk to Salesforce on any device, Einstein voice Assistant and Einstein voice Bots will allow everyone to be more productive and work smarter from anywhere. With Einstein Voice Assistant, users can:

Salesforce conversational Update: Einstein Voice Assistant eliminates the friction of repetitive administrative tasks, such as data entry, allowing users time to simply dictate updates directly to the Salesforce Mobile application. Einstein Voice Assistant it will automatically transform unstructured voice data into actions by updating Salesforce Records, notifying team members, and creating tasks. With Einstein Voice Assistant, users will be able to easily update Salesforce in real time and run their business from anywhere.

Get personalized daily reports:  Salesforce users can start every day with a personalized reading of Salesforce’s main metrics and priorities through their preferred voice assistant. Administrators can easily set up daily reports to focus on what matters most to each business user: From the schedule of the day and key opportunity updates, to an overview of your computer’s workflow.

Explorar los paneles de Salesforce: los comandos de voz permitirán a los usuarios de negocios dar a conocer de manera rápida y sencilla la información crítica que necesitan en Salesforce. En lugar de abrir y filtrar paneles manualmente, los usuarios ahora pueden desplegar paneles de Einstein Analytics y profundizar en detalles granulares, todo con la potencia de su voz. Por ejemplo, un gerente de ventas puede llevar a cabo reuniones de revisión de tuberías con mayor facilidad simplemente pidiéndole a Einstein que muestre su panel de tuberías, se sumerja en una región específica e identifique sus mejores ofertas locales.

Einstein Voice Bots It offers intelligent experiences. Because Einstein is based on the Salesforce platform, customers will also be able to build their own voice bots on the Einstein Bot platform, which are connected to Salesforce CRM data and integrated with smart speakers. Einstein Voice Bots will enable companies to create voice-enabled personalized interactions for their own customers and employees.

Create voice bots with clicks, not codes: Administrators can quickly and easily create voice bots that are connected to Salesforce in a few clicks and deployed in the Google and Amazon Alexa Wizard. For example, a car rental company could implement an Einstein voice Bot to allow its customers to update a reservation with a simple voice command for the smart speaker of their choice. Einstein’s voice Bot would get answers from knowledge articles in Service Cloud and share verbal responses to help quickly solve the client’s case.

Voice-branded Bots for your company: Einstein voice bots can be easily customized to match the corporate brand to provide a uniform and consistent experience. For example, a car rental company can now create a custom command using Einstein Voice Bots so that their customers can update their reserves in Salesforce simply request to the Google Assistant or Alexa.