Epson and Avery Dennison launch “Print big” competition in Latin America

Isolated concept of miniature globe

Epson announces the beginning of its great international project, “Print Big”, along with the leader in label materials and visual communication, Avery Dennison. through this initiative, different non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and partners in each country of Latin America, will be able to disseminate messages of awareness on different causes, that include topics like the prevention of diseases, the conservation of Natural resources and the dissemination of activities and practices that help a better development of society.

The beginning of this experience marks the opening of the competition that seeks to identify the artists and/or design agencies, which with their creative proposals can be the vehicle of the NGO message. The works will be printed with Epson’s large-format equipment on Avery Dennison materials and adhered to important and significant buildings in each country in the region.

The ‘ Print big ‘ contest we’re doing with Avery Dennison was created so that Latin American talent can express its creative ideas in broad format throughout our beautiful region and support noble causes of great interest. At the same time, to demonstrate the capacity of our printing technology, “said Alejandro Ordoñez, manager of strategy and Visual communication for Epson Latin America.

To participate in the contest those interested must enter to, hhtp:// and register there before August 31, 2018. In doing so, more details about the execution guidelines will be sent to the contestant. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Dominican Republic will be the destinations chosen to unite avant-garde technology in large format outdoor printing by Epson and Avery Dennison materials with the talent of the region. Participants will be able to present one or more proposals for any of the ten countries involved and the winners will be able to appreciate their large scale reproduced art, as well as receiving a WACOM Cintiq Pro tablet as a reward. The participating NGO will receive a donation on behalf of the winner and the sponsors.

“We are proud to participate in such an important action as the ‘ Print Big ‘ contest. It is very important for us to work together with Epson and to carry on an initiative where essential values are put into practice for Avery Dennison. In addition, we are very excited to use our vinyls in large format prints, as we can appreciate the quality and technology of our solutions, said Juliano Lima, Manager of the business unit of graphic Solutions of the company for Latin America.

From September 2018 to April 2019, the places that will be artistically intervene will be: the Museum of Architecture and design of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Pinheiros Station and access to the Paulista station in Brazil, the Gabriela Mistral Museum in Chile; The Santa Bárbara Hacienda in Colombia; The former customs in Costa Rica, the Boulevard of the United Nations of Ecuador; The Parque Las Americas Shopping Center in Guatemala, Mexico City’s Polanco wall; Javier Prado Avenue in Peru, and the Acropolis Center of the Dominican Republic.

Epson’s “Print Big” project seeks to show how technology can be useful for disseminating issues of relevance to society and supporting NGOs and artists seeking to create a better world.