Epson and Modapremio experience make known to the 14 finalists of the Digital Print contest Exceed Your Vision

Epson announced that they chose 14 finalists projects of the Exceed your Vision print contest created along with Modapremio experience, to find Mexico’s representative in his parade Digital Couture Project 2019, an initiative that seeks to boost Latin American Designers.

The collections will be evaluated by the total of the jury and the winner will be announced at the renowned textile Exintex Puebla.

The origin of the competition, part of the alliance established between Epson and Modapremio experience – a renowned design competition aimed at discovering new dressmakers – to boost the creativity and productivity of Mexican talent in the clothing industry Through the use of sublimation, the latest trend in printing in this sector is to print designs with great color and detail on white fabric from sketches drawn by hand or on a computer.

“we are pleased with the designers ‘ interest in trying different things to innovate in their designs, as well as the impact that digital sublimation printing technology is achieving in the Mexican apparel industry: currently in our country are stamped, with Our installed base, about 30 million square meters of fabric per year, “said José Ángel Barba, Textile product manager for Epson Mexico.

Epson and Modapremio experience received around 40 proposals – within a period of approximately 30 days – of designers from all over the Mexican Republic who see sublimation as an attractive option to develop. The finalists, who have dabbled in the aforementioned technology and demonstrated creativity, vanguard, quality and professionalism, are, in alphabetical order:

  • Grave Angel. Mexico City. Five years in the market, has used sublimated in some collections. Concept: Alebrijes, Fantasy and Colorful.
  • Antonio Lares. With a year of experience that has proven Sublimated. Concept: nature, the role of Insects.
  • Elisa Liébano of Puebla, with two years of Experience. He used the Sublimate. Concept: colors, shapes and Candies.
  • Enrique Mendoza of Guanajuato, with eight years of Experience. Use Sublimation. Concept: Urban textures, Saltpeter.
  • Estefanía Mena of Zacatecas, two years of experience and one in Sublimated. Concept: reinterpretation of forms and colors of the pre-hispanic dye work of the painter Pedro Coronel.
  • Gisel Gutiérrez. Five years in the market and using Sublimation. Concept: diversity and colour of avian plumage.
  • Guillermo Vargas. Mexico City. Five years of experience and experimental use of Sublimated. Concept: Contemporary Art and design, inspiration in Oriental Culture.
  • Ignacia Arriagada. Mexico City. Two years in the market, no experience in Sublimate. Concept: sophistication and colour in gauze.
  • Ignacio Espinoza. Three years of experience and two in Sublimated. Concept: nature, contours, colors and movement of marine FAUNA.
  • Jesús De la Garsa. Five years in the market, experience in Sublimated. Concept: Essence of Nature.
  • Jonathan Morales. Jalisco with five years of experience. Consider sublimating as your banner. Concept: “Street Couture”, Image Culture.
  • Lorenza Lee. of Mexico City. Three years of experience and two in Sublimated. Concept: Nature textures, Fungi.
  • Miguel Ángel Ramírez. of Jalisco. Three years in the market and with experience in Sublimated. Concept: Urbanism.
  • Verónica Díaz. of Yucatán. Eight years of Experience. sublimated, key in their collections. Concept: the strength of gemstones in pre-hispanic culture.

“I am excited about the response we receive from designers, both established in the market and Emerging. In Mexico there is a lot of talent that is willing to risk to win. The possibilities of sublimation technology are endless and witness the transformation that makes the world of fashion a privilege, “said analyst Anna Fusoni, Director of Modapremio Experience.

The jury of the Exceed Your Vision Contest is composed of José Antonio González, President of the Chamber of the textile industry of Puebla and Tlaxcala; José Miguel Brito, President of Exintex (national Association of Textile entrepreneurs); Alberto Arredondo, CEO of Epson mexico; Carlos Giraldo, Director of new business development for Epson mexico; José Ángel Barba, Textile product manager for Epson Mexico and Anna Fusoni, director of the Modapremio Experience.

The winner will also present their designs on the Modapremio 2019 experience Catwalk.