Epson completes construction of new factory of inkjet print heads


Epson, world leader in printing and digital image, has completed the construction work of the new factory of the office Hirooka, located in Shiojiri, Japan, which It had started in the fall of 2016 and it will be used to produce the PrecisionCore printing chips, a key component of the company’s advanced inkjet print heads.

This manufacturing center will begin operating during fiscal year 2018 (ending March 31, 2019) and will triple the current production capacity of the chips. According to its corporate vision Epson 25, the company is aiming at the commercial, industrial and business market.

“Epson is committed to innovation in inkjet. Advancing with its original technologies, as well as providing products and services based on the exclusive key devices, the company seeks to reduce the impact on the environment through efforts aimed at expanding the world of digital printing “, He declared a spokesperson for the firm.

During the 2017, the company launched multi-function inkjet and high-speed printers for offices as the main part of its strategy to drive future growth. Today, it will focus on expanding the sales of high-capacity ink tank printers, which have been fostering short-term growth in both advanced and emerging economies. This year, Epson plans to sell 9.5 million units, achieving an increase of 1.7 million units compared to last year.

Within the commercial and industrial sector, the accelerated change of analogue-to-digital solutions is expected to generate a high market growth of printing equipment for posters, textiles and product labels. In this sense, Epson will continue to strengthen its line of large format printers for the aforementioned segments and will continue to drive its research, development and production capabilities.

The new factory will allow the company to expand its presence in these markets, as well as increase its capacity to manage the expected medium-term growth of the demand for printheads. And taking advantage of this renewed production capacity, Epson also plans to start selling all over the world its PrecisionCore heads for large format printers and working with its partners to accelerate the transition to the digital system of commercial printing and Industrial.

The chips of impression PrecisionCore are currently manufactured at Minami Suwa Plant, located in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. But soon, the new structure will be the second place of production of these chips.

The recently completed factory of the Hirooka office has facilities and equipment with excellent resistance to disasters, thus reinforcing the business continuity capacity of Epson. It is also designed to achieve a 20% increase in space productivity with respect to the factories that currently exist. It is equipped with a research function that will be fundamental to improve the quality and performance of the printhead through the technology of development and production.