Epson Desktop wide format printer for construction and design 

Epson announced the availability of its wide format printer SureColor T3170, developed for businessmen and professionals in the construction, architecture, design, engineering and manufacturing segments, for a practical impression of plans, drawings, projects, perspectives and pieces in the form of large size graphics. The equipment prints at a speed of 34 seconds in size A1/D, which makes it 25% faster than others on the market and has wireless connection.

The SureColor T3710 also prints up to 24-inch posters and has a sleek, compact design, allowing users to operate it from a desktop. It uses the manufacturer’s next-generation ultrachrome ink that gives firmness and more color to prints. Its dimensions are 97 centimeters by 23 high and 50.5 deep.

The remote printing is an outstanding feature of the new device that makes the work more agile in offices or office of House, because with the integrated wireless connectivity and its function Wi-Fi Direct allows to send impressions from tablets and telephones Intelligent, from any place and at any time. On the other hand, it includes Epson’s next generation UltraChrome XD2 high-capacity inks, based on pigments that generate durable, water-and moisture-resistant productions.

The SureColor T3170 is available through Epson’s specialized wholesalers of wide format printing SiscoPrint, Digital image Alpha Beta, Masterfort, Digital solutions and Valoris.