Epson joins the program “Change the Look” of the channel E! Entertainment television

Epson, world leader in print and digital image, will be part of the new season of “Change the Look”, channel E! Latin America, part of the channel group of NBC Universal International Networks Latin America that premiered last September 3. During the 16 episodes will be presented several outfits of leading Latin American designers, and some of them, participate as fashion experts, helping to make prints made with the sublimation technology of Epson fabrics, which allows Break with the limits of creativity and capture the most vibrant colors and designs.

The program, hosted by Angie Taddei (singer, influencer and connoisseur of fashion), is the first Latin American version of the famous format ¨ How Do I Look ¨, where ¨ victims of the fashion ¨ of real life are nominated by friends or close relatives to receive a Total change of image, including a specialized guide on the style that best suits them and how to keep it in the future.

Alejandro Ordoñez, manager of strategy and Visual communication for Epson Latin America, commented: “In Latin America and the world, E! It has always been at the forefront showing the latest trends. Epson has been working with them for a while, demonstrating how technology and fashion can be joined together to create innovative and unique garments. Now in ‘ Change the look ‘ we seek to bring the message of these possibilities to the public, so that they can work more informed with designers and experts in fashion.

This is not the first action of the Japanese brand in the world of haute couture. For several years, Epson has been looking to boost Latin American talent, supporting and providing the most advanced technological tools for designers to showcase their culture and make their designs reach more people. Through the event Digital Couture Project, which has four editions and will have a new date in February 2019 in New York, Epson has managed to show various collections of great artists.

Epson’s printing technologies are an accessible means to materialize original ideas in high quality and offer a wide portfolio of possibilities to the entire fashion industry. The sublimation method allows creators to capture creative designs, on a small or large scale, with new combinations of prints and wefts in intense and defined colors, to have a broader control over the production of their garments.

“Change the look” and Epson are looking to offer participants a modern alternative in first-level fashion manufacturing, and the advice of the best fashion gurus to accompany them in a change of style that helps them feel good on the outside and inside.