Epson launches Print Academy its new YouTube channel

The platform offers educational and motivating content to help photographers create display-quality prints

Epson, the world leader in print and digital imaging, announced the launch of its print Academy channel on YouTube that offers educational content designed for users who use Epson professional image products. Initially launched for the photographic market, the tool will expand and include content for other professional image markets, such as the digital signage industry, graphic design and textiles.

“The importance of printing remains fundamental in our industry,” said Dan (harm) Steinhardt, Epson’s marketing manager for North America: “YouTube’s new Epson Print Academy Channel is designed to help a new generation of Photographers and graphic artists to make impressions with exhibition quality, in addition to helping all our professional image clients to perfect their skills and make impressions with the highest quality.”

The YouTube Epson Print Academy Channel will include a variety of videos designed to educate and motivate, which will provide viewers with a detailed explanation of workflows, such as monitor calibration, color management and Printing. The other content will focus on exposing the printing work and include visits to festivals, events and photography workshops, as well as an internal vision to recognized studies to show how printing continues to be an integral part of several industries. The goal is for these videos to become a central resource for Epson’s professional image products.

The origin of the Epson Print Academy dates back to the year 2001 when content was created to help photographers better understand the world of digital photography and inkjet printing that was something new at the time. Now, almost two decades later, Epson is expanding the channel to provide up-to-date technical information and a perspective of advanced printing procedures available to today’s creative professionals.