ESET alerts on 35 fake security apps for Android


Eset discovered 35 applications that simulate to be security apps for Android within Google Play, however, only serve to show unwanted advertising and have no effective security features.

Apparently, the apps had gone unnoticed for a couple of years and had been installed at least 6 million times, although according to the cyber security company said it could be a false figure, because the cybercriminals make downloads Fictitious to generate confidence in Android users, marking positive rating.

The head of the Research Laboratory of Eset Latin America, Camilo Gutiérrez, noted that “the main problem is that important information is not stored safely in the device. Instead of using encryption, these applications store the names of blocked applications and passwords for unlocking them in plain text. ”

He stressed that false security applications do not have the capabilities of threats such as ransomware or other malware, so they display annoying publicity, they perform detections that are false positive and give users a false sense of Security.

For this reason, users could end up downloading real “malicious codes disguised in a similar way,” Camilo Gutierrez mentioned.