ESET analyzed the use of personal data on Facebook

ESET, a company leader in proactive threat detection, analyzes the Facebook case as a result of the alleged data filtering of more than 50 million users of the social network and explains why it was not an information theft.

In 2014 the application called “This is Your Digital Life”, which functioned as an online personality test on Facebook, collected information from more than 270,000 users, as well as their contacts. In this way, it was possible to create a base of approximately 50 million users.

However, the collection of such data was made in accordance with the terms and conditions of use specified by the social network for third-party applications. In other words, users accepted – with or without knowledge – the terms and conditions and thus gave access to their information. Then that information was transferred to another company that used it for other purposes of analysis, and this is what triggers the discussion about the performance of Facebook.

According to Camilo Gutiérrez, head of laboratory of ESET Latin America: “Many users do not know that social networks, applications and services, collect personal information.” In turn, the expert added: “To avoid such situations is essential and essential that users know what are the terms and conditions that are accepting when using any application or upload personal information on a network Social. The idea is not to get paranoid, but simply to be aware of what happens with information and act accordingly. Users should know where they share information, what they are uploading, and what data allow them to be known or exposed. ”