ESET analyzed various criptomonedas to determine security level


Each of the virtual currencies have characteristics oriented to different publics and with technologies destined to repair several themes discovered by Bitcoin, the most popular Criptomoneda at the moment. In this sense, ESET, a leading company in proactive threat detection, analyzed different criptomonedas present in the market to know its level of security.

As for Bitcoin, given the “network effect” (less use, less is the price of the currency used) is beginning to lose its prestige, already has a path and there are thousands of Criptomonedas as an alternative looking for a place in the market.

Among the currencies that follow closely to the Bitcoin, the Criptocoins is the main one. Nero has a more anonymous approach, with specific technology that hinders the tracing of addresses and the possibility of anonymity on the basis of ring signatures, features that are interesting for the Malware developers. With these implementations it is much more difficult to infer the true identity of the one who makes a transaction, which is important for those who are involved in illegal actions. Which is important for those who are involved in illegal actions.

On the other hand, Nero is a practical option for the user not requiring a lot of energy to look at the coin. It uses a Proof of work protocol based on CryptoNight, which allows it to be mined through home computers, at work or in a datacenter, which is also attractive to malicious mining codes. Although it is a relatively new Criptomoneda, is kept in the top 10 in the list of Criptocoins alternatives according to Coin Market Watch.

“As we can see, several malicious codes seem to be aimed at stealing criptomonedas wallets, regardless of the name of the coin inside that wallet, so there are multiple spotlights for malware developers. This is not something new, as scammers focused on what is most profitable and prefer to steal anything of value from which you can get a benefit in an easy way, “said Cecilia Pastorino, specialist in computer security of ESET Latin America.