ESET: English fanatics forged fan ID to travel to Russia

. Lille (France), 15/06/2016.- England fans gathering in Lille, France, 15 June 2016. England will face Wales in a UEFA EURO 2016 group B preliminary round match on 16 June in Lens. (Francia) EFE/EPA/THIBAULT VANDERMERSCH

ESET, a leading proactive threat detection company, analyses the case of English fanatics who did not have a visa to enter Russia, and resorted to the counterfeiting of the fan ID in order to Visit the country and witness the match against Croatia.

Days before the start of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, ESET approached tips to avoid being a victim of scams during the world championship. “Among the recommendations that were shared, it was suggested that users protect their privacy and avoid posting on social networks photos of their passports, tickets or entrances. And it was precisely thanks to the publication in the networks of the entries of the parties that the English fanatics took advantage of a vulnerability that allows to obtain a FAN ID when placing the bar code that appears in the entry of the matches. “, Camilo mentioned Gutierrez, head of the Laboratory of ESET Latin America.

According to the British medium the Telegraph, after the game with Colombia, several English fanatics began to find a way to get the visa to enter Russia but they found the disadvantage that the process to obtain it delayed too. English football sympathizers need a visa to enter Russia or a special identification for World Cup fans, presented by the Russian authorities only for the tournament.

The Fan ID is a document that you get only when you have an entry to watch a game. The same is obligatory to be able to enter the stadiums and this identification avoids having to process the obtaining of a visa of entry to the country.

This led the fans to discover a ruling that allowed them to travel to Russia and have the credentials to enter the country and the stadiums. According to the Telegraph, the fans realized that the Fan ID and ticket purchase is not connected through any database. On the other hand, the “the Independent” itself verified that even the number at the entrance of a match that has already passed is enough to get a Fan ID.

With the heels of tickets posted on social networks by enthusiastic fans, England fans who wanted to travel to Russia just need to copy the numbers of the tickets and send them, and they can get a fan ID in minutes.