ESET launches cloud Management service to address new IT security challenges for SMEs

ESET responds to the new needs that small and medium-sized businesses face today to efficiently protect the most important assets of their Business

ESET, a leading proactive threat detection company, launched the ESET Cloud administrator yesterday, a cloud-based remote security management solution specifically designed to address the IT security challenges facing small and medium-sized Companies (SMEs).

According to recent data, nearly one in five SMEs were the victims of an external security threat over the past two years, while 44% believe they could face a cyber threat in the next 12 months. The challenge for many SMEs is that they do not have the resources, budgets or knowledge to deal adequately with this growing number of cyber threats.

Characterized as a “central remote control,” ESET Cloud Administrator is a cloud-based console that enables centralized management of ESET security products such as ESET Endpoint Antivirus & security for Windows, ESET endpoint Antivirus & Security for MacOS and ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows server. Hosted in the cloud, ESET Cloud Administrator offers SMEs a convenient service, with the ability to connect to and from any device or location.


The intuitive solution interface and simple endpoint implementation enable IT managers to manage enterprise security without the need for extensive IT skills and capabilities. In addition, ESET Cloud Administrator also reports on the security incidents and overall performance of ESET products installed on the enterprise network.

With ESET Cloud Administrator, Administration Server installation is not required. It is ready to be used immediately and the solution also performs background updates without the need for an administrator’s intervention, minimizing business interruptions. In addition, ESET Cloud Administrator does not require additional it or hardware personnel, significantly reducing costs for SMEs.

“For small and medium-sized businesses, a security solution must be reliable, easy to use and have minimal impact on their IT and commercial processes,” said Leandro Gonzalez, Product Marketing Specialist. “Cost is also a key consideration. Want technology that suits your business needs at an affordable price for these customers, ESET now offers a great “puzzle piece” that adapts to its network infrastructure, providing SMEs with the ‘ all-in-one security solution that they require ‘.