ESET Rewards the best research work in computer security with a trip to Las Vegas


Until 30 November is open the deadline to apply for the ESET University Award; a contest that rewards the author of the best research work in security Computer science with the possibility of attending DEF Con, the renowned hacking Congress that takes place in Las Vegas, USA, with all expenses paid.

The call is opened for university students of every Latin American, who will be able to register sending its investigations here.

The Award Univeristario ESET is an initiative that tries to distinguish the pupils and educational entities that as we, they understand that the investigation and the education in Safety of the Information is of big importance.

Details of the awards provided by the contest

The first place will travel to the city of Las Vegas, United States, with all the expenses included to participate in DEF con, the renowned security conference that brings together exponents and researchers from different Parts of the world and is held annually between the end of July and the beginning of August.

For its part, the second and third place will be awarded with the participation (with all the expenses paid) to Ekoparty; the most important information security conference in Latin America that takes place every year in September in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They will also have the opportunity to meet the team of the ESET Latin America Research Laboratory.

Finally, the fourth and fifth place will obtain information security-oriented books to further develop and deepen their knowledge on the subject.

Requirements to participate in the ESET University Award: to be a university or tertiary student of some educational institution in Latin America, read the terms and conditions to learn more about the requirements of the University Award, make an Information security research work, complete the registration form.