ESET: The importance of cybersecurity in electoral processes


The relevance that cybersecurity has gained in recent years has caused it to be present in more and more areas, and electoral processes are no exception. The elections in different countries around the world bring to mind countless questions, such as knowing if a cyberattack could influence the election results, and thus alter the political direction of a nation.

In this sense, ESET, the leader in proactive threat detection, presents some reflections on cybersecurity in the elections:

-technology has become an inherent element in elections, especially when electronic voting is used to define an electoral contest.

-The use of digital tools to reach voters has become a determining factor in an election.

-Technology is indispensable in the electoral field, in these processes it is essential to protect the technological infrastructure involved, such as databases and, in general, the necessary information for this democratic exercise.

-The false news aims to misinform and spread easily and quickly. It is important that voters can discern between the veracity or falsehood of the information.

“From ESET we bet to the awareness of the users so that they are aware of the risks or deceits that circulate on the Internet, so that they can identify them and avoid them. For this, education and protection are the first steps, “said Miguel Ángel Mendoza, representative of ESET.