Experience the new era of mobile computing with the Galaxy Book S

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Book S, a revolutionary mobile computing device designed for high-performance users who don’t want to be overwhelmed by size and resources excessive traditional laptops.

Created for new winners (innovators, entrepreneurs, those who do things differently to move forward), the Galaxy Book S empowers the next generation of mobile tycoons.

With the Galaxy Book S, Samsung marks the beginning of a new era in mobile computing with a device that leverages the mobility and connectivity of a smartphone and the powerful productivity of a PC. Developed in collaboration with leading technology companies, galaxy Book S leverages Samsung’s mobility leadership position and brings it together with Microsoft’s best-in-class work platform and Qualcomm’s industry-leading mobile performance. This new category device offers Gigabit LTE connectivity, instant features and superior design, powered by Windows 10 and the innovative Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 8cx computing platform. With the Galaxy Book S, experience the freedom of a new type of mobile device that lets you work anywhere, without tying yourself to your desk or sofa.

At Samsung, we believe that true innovation is only possible through an open and collaborative approach where partners are aligned and motivated to break down barriers and redefine the computing experience,” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of Communications Mobile and IT from Samsung Electronics. “The Galaxy Book S combines the best mobility resources Samsung offers with Microsoft’s leading productivity solutions and Qualcomm Technologies performance features. The result is the best mobile productivity experience available today on a mobile device.”

Discover a flexible device experience that’s always available and connected

Created to transform the way and place of using your PC, the Galaxy Book S is always available, connected, and capable—it’s the future of mobile productivity.

Ultra-fast Gigabit LTE adds a near-constant connection to the cloud and provides high-speed access to apps and content without relying on Wi-Fi. Starts are a thing of the past: the Galaxy Book S has touch resources to resume access instantly. Like a smartphone, everything you need is easily available with the touch of your finger.

Designed to last and built to deliver performance

Made from galaxy Book2, the Galaxy Book S has been carefully designed to deliver a powerful computing experience within a lightweight yet rugged mobile format. His style stands out thanks to the unique arched frame that flows when opened and closed and the portable and ultra-thin design that allows him to make the most of his always available functions. The Galaxy Book S accompanies you wherever you go, easily and comfortably, without the unnecessary weight and volume of a full-size laptop, with only 0.96 kg.

Built with a premium anodized aluminum frame on top and base, the Galaxy Book S is protected from the dangers that often damage a laptop and is reinforced by the anodizing process on the outer layer. The Galaxy Book S’s 13.3-inch display is multi-touch with 10 dots, allowing you to scroll, zoom and control your device with the touch of a finger.

Experience a new power gauge

Created for those always on the move and want a perfect Galaxy mobile experience on all your devices, the Galaxy Book S expands your productivity without limiting your reach. The Galaxy Book S delivers strong performance, with the power of the Snapdragon 8cx computing platform; the world’s first 7 nanometer PC platform, built for mobile computing by Qualcomm Technologies. Thanks to Snapdragon 8cx, the Galaxy Book S outperforms the Galaxy Book 2, with 40 percent higher CPU performance and 80 percent higher graphics, plus higher memory bandwidth. Snapdragon 8cx, consciously designed to not need fans, also ensures that your laptop stays cool no matter how hard you work.

“The Snapdragon 8cx chipset ushers in a new era of always-on and connected devices that allow you to work, multitask, and play with ease almost anywhere,” said Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm Incorporated. ” “We refuse to sacrifice maximum performance based on battery life, and instead combine both to create a powerful device experience with superior computing resources and the mobility and connectivity of a smartphone.”

Free yourself from the charging cable with galaxy Book S’s long-lasting battery that allows for up to 23 hours of continuous video playback on a single charge. To ensure your device runs as efficiently as possible, the Galaxy Book S optimizes performance based on what you’re doing. This way, it consumes less energy and saves more time to create, stream, play and work. The Galaxy Book S also has up to 1 TB of expandable storage, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

The Galaxy Book S also includes Samsung’s studio-quality Sound by AKG stereo speakers, while Dolby Atmos® elevates and refines the surround audio experience with custom sound modes for movies, music, games and more.

Backed by the industry’s leading services

Enjoy a full PC experience on a new computing device that delivers powerful mobility and next-generation performance with Windows 10. The Microsoft phone app provides a seamless connection between the Galaxy Book S and Galaxy Note10 so you can access your latest photos, apps and notifications, as well as instantly respond to calls and text messages between devices, so that the frictions of your day are over. The Galaxy Book S also features Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage, which keeps your files protected, backed up, and accessible on your devices.

With the Galaxy Book S, your device is more secure and protected. The Galaxy Book S’ Gigabit LTE connectivity allows you to avoid unreliable public networks, ensuring that your private information is not at risk when accessing the Internet. Windows Hello provides instant sign-in resources with your fingerprint. This ensures quick and convenient access to your device in a more personal way.


The Galaxy Book S will be available in two-tone, Earthy Gold and Mercury Greya from the third quarter in selected markets.