Facebook announced that it will charge subscription to groups to reward administrators


Facebook announced that it has begun to test subscription payment in groups as this allows administrators the ability to earn revenue to reward their Work, effort and its original and exclusive contents.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in his statements to the U.S. Senate, Mark Zuckerberg dropped that the creation of a paid Facebook version was not ruled out. A few weeks after this, rumors pointed out that the Facebook version by subscription and without publicity could be close.

Specifically, what Facebook is doing is to set up a monetization tool for group administrators that will allow them to charge members a monthly fee that can range from 4.99 to 29.99 dollars. At the moment you are testing a selection of groups that will help to improve the system with your comments and contributions, and soon the platform offers more information about it.

After initial testing, Facebook promises to continue to improve the experience to offer alternative administrators to get economic performance out of their work.