Facebook experiments with robots to boost their investigation of AI 

Even if Facebook is certainly a high-tech company, it is not associated with robots. However, as the company has revealed this Monday they are working on different robotics experiments can improve their work in AI.

Many companies, such as Google, Nvidia and Amazon, use robots as a platform to explore AI’s research pathways. The control of robots is, in many ways, more complicated than the challenges and videogames.

Researchers have access to simulated gaming environments, allowing artificial intelligence agents to play and learn at accelerated speeds. There’s no shortcut to training robots.

“The best thing about robotics is that it takes place in real time, in the real world,” he told Bloomberg News Antoine Bordes, director of the company’s artificial intelligence research labs on Facebook.

The research is extensive and Facebook has shared details about a trio of articles. The first is to get a six-legged robot to teach itself to overcome the trial and error, the second tries to take advantage of the “curiosity” to help the robots learn faster, and the third is to use the sense of touch to help a robot Accomplish simple tasks like rolling a ball.

None of these documents is a step forward, per se, and universities and laboratories are also addressing other issues that are being investigated.

For its part, the chief scientist of the company in artificial intelligence, Yann LeCun said that FAIR has the duty to “see the corners” and be prepared for future products and services including the robots.

Somehow, Facebook has already shown that getting acquainted with physical systems can have unexpected benefits. For example, when the company launched its video chat camera on the Portal, it worked with filmmakers to design the camera movements that frame the users for each shot.