Facebook is preventing Huawei from preinstalling its apps

As reported by Reuters Facebook will no longer allow Huawei to preinstall its applications on smart devices.

Is the latest example of Western technology companies that cut ties with China’s beleaguered Chinese telecommunications giant, following the prohibition of US President Donald Trump.

Those who have Huawei phones will be able to download and use applications like WhatsApp, Instagram and the main Facebook application, and will continue to receive updates through the Play Store, but the Asian company will not be able to include them out of the box, which It usually accompanies other preloaded services like Twitter.

Facebook has landed in a different calculation to deal with the Google commercial ban, which has obtained a temporary license to continue sending security updates to existing Huawei phones.

The Huawei phones that are currently in stores or “those that have not yet been shipped or even built” will continue to have the Google services preinstalled.

In the meantime, Facebook denies preinstallations on “any phone that has not yet come out of the factory.”

This situation is not as troubling to Huawei as other previous Google and ARM decisions, which respectively restrict their ability to use Android’s basic services and develop their own chips.