Facebook tried to improve privacy and damaged Tinder

As you all know, the case of Cambridge Analytica uncovered a complicated situation that nobody was attending on the Internet, the protection of user data and privacy in social networks. Facebook became the “villain” that allowed the personal information of more than 80 million users to be stolen by other companies and used to control, to some extent, the outcome of the U.S. election, and is now facing the Consequences.

In just weeks, the company’s actions went down and thousands of users were fired from their profiles. In an attempt to stop the damage and begin to heal, Mark Zuckerberg assured the public that he already had his engineers working at forced marches to fix the problem and find a real solution, and the first happened was an update on the platform.

Facebook has been updating its privacy policies and features to protect its users from other apps that have access to the platform, the problem is that, in the attempt to create a secure space, the social network “broke” Tinder, or so users believe.

Those who already updated the platform are now running into that they cannot enter their Tinder profiles or register for the dating app, if they try to do so, they enter an endless loop of frustrating error messages in which they are asked to give the app permission to Access your information.