Facebook will apply new privacy requirements in the world


In recent days it was possible to know that Facebook will ask its users to review the information on how the social network uses its data and decide the configuration of their privacy within the platform.

Since it affirms that in this way, the site will comply with the new privacy laws demanded by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU), but applying the whole world.

Facebook spokesman Sheryl Sandberg stated that “We will show tools to be transparent and give people control over their information; All key parts of the GDPR. It is a European regulation, but we will take the same controls to all who use Facebook worldwide”

The company highlighted that in the coming months, users of the social network will receive a notification that will ask them to make choices about their configuration, such as what they share in their profile and if they want those data to be used to receive ads, without However, these alerts will vary in some countries by linguistic differences, the controls are the same and will be available worldwide.