FaceTime in iOS 13 will force eye contact into video calls

A new trick promises to make FaceTime calls even more personal. FaceTime video calls are great, except for one thing: how you have to look stupidly directly at the camera so that the person at the other end feels like you’re looking at her.

It’s natural to look at the center of the screen of your iPhone, Mac, or iPad, where the caller’s face actually appears.

In iOS 13, Apple has added a new FaceTime feature that makes it look like you’re blocking your eyes with the person you’re talking to, even if you’re looking at your phone screen and not the camera.

So the next time you make a FaceTime call, your eyes will look like you’re looking at the camera every time you look at the screen (and, in turn, the person you’re talking to), adding a more personal touch to the camera.

Even if it sounds creepy, it’s great. Apple calls this attention fix, and it’s just one of many new features in iOS 13, along with a new dark mode, a way to block unknown calls, and an elegant new typing tool; not to mention the hidden features that are fun to use.

For now, attention correction only works with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but with iOS 13 still in beta, the software trick could reach more iPhone models ahead of this fall’s official release. You can sign up for the iOS 13 beta to try out the latest Apple news.