Fico explains the artificial intelligence with the new version of Analytics Workbench

Fico, the Predictive analytics company today announced the latest version of FICO ® Analytics Workbench, an advanced cloud-based analytics development environment that Provides access to both business users and data scientists, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use data exploration; As well as visual data management, decision strategy design and automatic learning.

As new data privacy regulations give AI visibility and automatic learning, the FICO Analytics Workbench XAI Toolkit helps data scientists better understand automatic learning models behind decisions Derivative of IA.

“As companies increasingly rely on automatic learning models, it is critical to explain them, particularly the way AI decisions affect consumers,” said Jari Koister, vice President, Product Management in FICO.  “With more than 60 years of analytical experience and more than 100 automatic learning patents presented, we are pleased to open the automatic learning black box and explain IA. With Analytics Workbench, our customers gain in information and transparency, necessary to support their IA-related decisions. ”

“Computers are an increasingly important part of our lives, and automation will continue to improve over time, so it is extremely important to know why these complicated AI systems and automatic learning make the decisions they take”, Said Sameer Singh, adjunct professor of computer science at the University of California Irvine. “The more accurate the algorithm, the harder it is to interpret it, especially with deep learning. Explanations are important as they can help those who are not experts in understanding the reasons behind IA decisions and helping to avoid the common difficulties of automatic learning. ”

Developed for business users and data scientists, FICO ® Analytics Workbench combines the best elements of FICO’s current data science tools with several open source technologies in a single package of Automatic learning and cloud-ready decisions, which is driven by the scalable Apache Spark technologies. Analytics Workbench brinda soporte transparente y automatizado para el cumplimiento normativo de las auditorias, ya que produce la documentación necesaria para las revisiones internas y los reguladores externos.

Analytics Workbench It is designed for users with different skills: from credit risk analysts looking for a consistent tool, to data scientists and business analysts who collaborate and work together to enrich and report the making of Strategic decisions. With an intuitive interface, users can expect faster value-generation times, higher productivity levels, and substantial business improvements through decisions.