Fortnite has more than 200 million

Players in January was a big problem when Fortnite racked up 40 million players in the middle, but that figure now seems pretty strange.

Since this November, Epic Games ‘ actual battle shooting game has earned 200 million of registered players, representing five times more players in less than a year, and 60 percent of the 125 million it had in June.

Not all those players are active, but Epic also recently reached a record of 8.3 million of competing players. Even if some of those 200 million users only played the game once, many others are playing often.

Fortnite has a presence in the cultural spirit, Big Bang Theory, Saturday Night Live and World Cup players refer to it. It is simply available in many more devices than at the beginning of 2018.

Among the broader version of IOS in April, the arrival of the Switch version in June and the gradual expansion of the Android beta version in recent months, it would be almost harder to find a place where you could not play a round or two.

There has been a steady stream of limited time modes to animate the game, and the company has invested $100 million in sports tournaments. Developers know that they can’t rest on their laurels, and they’re willing to spend a lot of money if they make people come back.