Fortnite season 7 arrives with great news

Fortnite Season 7 is now available on all digital platforms. Epic Games wants to close the year with a gold brooch, and to achieve it has presented a lot of novelties in this new version of the famous game. It is expected that during the gala of the Game Awards 2018 is presented something very important about the game.

Below you will find the highlights of the new map additions:

Ice Castle 

The game identifies the giant iceberg as a mountain, but it is very obvious that it is a frozen castle on ice. You can see the front doors and a top turret.

You can also enter the turret, where you will see a small room with some books and a chimney, which is presumably where the level 100 of the Ice King lives.

The torches burn in blue in the Castle

Is the highest point in the map for the time being.

Happy Hamlet

A new and small Bavarian town near where the Flush Factory used to be (which is now buried in the snow). It is large enough, almost the size of tilted, if not with a larger footprint, and although I have not yet explored it, it could be a very popular landing place.

Flights Frosty

Looks like an airport, but it’s actually a A.I.M. military base.

The Frozen pond

The arrival of the ice castle has not been exactly peaceful. Greasy Grove has been completely frozen, with only the top of the buildings protruding from a layer of ice you can slide. You can still enter the buildings as you go through the roofs and then see the destruction that the ice has caused on the outside.