Fortnite with new developments for gamers 

The fun game now includes skins, gliders and spikes that will appear in the store for the next few days.

The dataminers are already making their particular August in search of new skins, objects and secrets that will be coming to light with the new update of Fortnite.

So the gamers just need to be attentive and prepare the wallet to continue with the games. Here we leave you what the challenges will be:

Challenges for all 

-Place Fresqueras in different games (0/3)

-Register a chest in different locations (0/7)

-Eliminations with shotguns (0/3) (difficult)

Battle Pass challenges

-[1/5] Phase 1: Land in tortuous tunnels (0/1)

-inflict damage to your opponents with Peak (0/250)

-[1/4] Phase 1: Find the score in Pleasant Park (0/1) (difficult)

-[1/5] Phase 1: elimination with a common weapon (0/1) Difficult

Reward for completing the 7 challenges: 6 000 PE season