“Fuchsia OS” Google’s new operating system


Google has published a document called “the Book” which details the fundamentals of the new operating system Fuchsia OS, a development in which the giant of the Internet works and say, someday will be the company’s pursued unifying operating system.

According to previous information, this new project is placed as a “unifying” system with which all existing ones can be replaced until the moment. It is not really known if in the future it will replace, unify or complement the current developments under Android and Chrome OS.

“Fuchsia is a project in experimental phase. Both of us and you know we have a lot of interesting projects on Google. I think what is interesting here is that it is an open source project, so that people can see it and comment on it. ”

It is a modular capabilities-based operating system, which uses a microkernel called ‘ Zircon ‘ (Magenta), which provides central controllers and the implementation of C-language libraries (LIBC) in which the majority will be programmed Next to the Google intern, Dart.

Fuchsia OS is in an early stage of development, but speculation on its main objective continues: Unify Android and Chrome OS in a single operating system. Yes, no Linux base like them.