Future keyboards were presented in the Computex 2018

The Computex 2018 presented the first laptops that take advantage of the surface of the keyboard to introduce an additional screen and completely configurable.

The head of Intel’s home computer division, Gregory Bryant, explained that: “Let’s start seeing secondary screens and other ways to relate it to the computer, and most obviously, we will see products that have nothing to do with the Traditional computer. ”

The manager said that the change is because the PC will move away little by little the format that is currently known.

In the aforementioned contest, teams have been presented that set up a new format that comes in several “flavors”; they all play with a common element: the dual screen. These are computers that replace the physical keyboard with a screen, usually e-ink, which is changing its disposition depending on the use of the moment.

That is, if you are going to write an email or a document, the system will deploy a virtual keyboard, but if you are in a meeting, that surface is converted without the user doing anything in an improvised notepad.

Remains to be seen who will be the first manufacturer to present a commercial version of this concept and it is intuited that the first that could give the stroke would be Microsoft, which could finally give shape to its rumored “Andromeda Project”.