gA and Automation Anwywhere: an alliance to expedite the digital transformation using technology RPA 

gA – the global leader in digital transformation of the business – and Automation Anywhere – company global leader in process automation robotic enterprise (RPA) announced the signing of a strategic alliance to bring together more value to your customers, digitizing the business of its clients through Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

RPA Technologies replicate the actions of a human being by interacting with the user interface of a computer system. In other words, what they do is to provide an unlimited digital workforce to perform standardized and repetitive tasks, eliminating errors and increasing the capacity of the process.

According to Grand View Research, Inc., in 2016 the global Robotic process Automation Market (RPA) was valued at USD 199.1 million. It is anticipated that the growing demand for automation of commercial processes through the use of artificial intelligence and software robots will be a key trend, reaching $8.75 billion for 2024.

In this context, gA and automation Anywhere came together to help companies that want to start the road of automation in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Chile with increasing agility, innovation and quality to improve their business.

For Guillermo Oyadomari, responsible for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay of Automation Anywhere “while the technology used to automate processes is fundamental, the success of such a project depends on the vision, definition of objectives and outcome Expected, application of best practices, strategy of implementation, of the selection of the process to robotize and especially of the accompaniment of the specialist partner. Having an ally like GA, with 26 years of experience in transformation projects through processes and technologies, is fundamental to the success of RPA in an organization. “

“Automation Anywhere is one of the pioneers in RPA and leader in the market. Working together with them gives us the peace of mind of having robust and quality products that guarantee the results, “explained Adrián Jerbic, managing Director of gA Argentina.

According to Guillermo Oyadomari and Leonardo Cohen Product Manager of gA process Intelligence to start a RPA project it is key to choose a process that is simple enough to do a quick proof of concept, while significant enough to Show your results and the benefit to the company. Additionally, it is of paramount importance that the management and the internal team advancing with RPA are engaged and involved from the outset.

Digital transformation is advancing faster and the companies that do not add up run the risk of failing to exist. RPA allows you to streamline the transformation of business intelligently from within each company, granting an unlimited virtual workforce that frees people who do repetitive tasks, allowing them to do more value-added tasks .