Galaxy S10 chosen the best smartphone in Latin America 

The Galaxy S10, the latest launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S line, conquered the title of “Best of the Test” in an evaluation conducted by protest, the largest consumer advocacy association in Latin America. The organization, which acts more than 16 years ago in the market, performs quality and benchmark tests to help consumers buy a smartphone. The Galaxy S10 smartphone received 85 points (on a scale of 100): The highest note assigned to a device in this category. The second and third place in the ranking also corresponded to Samsung devices: the Galaxy S10 (84 points) and the Note9 (83 points).

The Galaxy S10 was designed to meet the needs of today’s smartphone market. One of its outstanding resources is the Infinity Display with Dynamic AMOLED screen, which offers cinematic image, with brighter and more realistic colors. With the help of artificial intelligence, the S10 has performance optimization software that learns the usage patterns of the device and adjusts it depending on the user. It also has a long battery and allows to share energy wirelessly from one device to another. Its five state-of-the-art cameras are another of the most highlighted resources (Including an advanced camera for selfies) to take incredible pictures easily and practice.

The results of the tests are the confirmation of the innovation in the characteristics of the S10 and the justification of its first positions in the ranking of smartphones of protest. “This seal is issued by the most relevant consumer defense body in Latin America and proves that the consumer is at the center of our efforts and development, and will always be our main driving force,” said Douglas Issii, product Manager of Samsung for Latin America.

How the test

Is performed to evaluate the quality of the front camera, the entity simulates a selfie in an outdoor space. For its part, the rear camera is tested in different light conditions, with and without zoom. For the evaluation of sound quality, the devices are tested in a soundproofed space, where the quality of the calls is measured.

The Galaxy S10 also stood out in terms of resistance. In this test, Protesta uses a tombola that allows to measure the resistance to the impact and simulates several falls from the height of the pocket of a trousers (90 cm). On the other hand, water resistance is measured by subjecting the device to drizzle and immersing it in a container with water for a certain period of time.

Finally, the autonomy of the battery is simulated through a robotic arm that performs daily tasks such as making a call or surfing the Internet.

“We evaluate aspects that are often very important for consumers, such as resistance and battery. The Galaxy S10 surpassed our expectations and surprised with the greatest note obtained in evidence to date, “says Thiago Leite Porto E Silva, a specialist in Protesta’s technology products.