Get to know the trends that will dominate 2018

There have been many technological advances that we have been seen in recent times, but the development of technology does not stop and continues to bring us impressive news every day. And here you can learn some of the trends that will be news this 2018.

Use voice as password: In the new digital age the gaps in the systems give cybercriminals the possibility of accessing our personal information and even our identity. For this reason banks and telecommunications companies are increasingly replacing security questions with voice biometrics, a mechanism capable of confirming who you are with higher levels of security than passwords.

Virtual assistants for customer service: The latest advances in Artificial Intelligence have given room to a new generation of specific virtual assistants who have the capacity to provide a totally personalized service. In 2018, this generation of virtual assistants will be even more effective thanks to the HAVA (Human Assisted Virtual Assistant) technology. That adds human capabilities to the process to help answer new questions that the virtual assistant may not know, most importantly establish a learning dynamic that updates the “brain” of the assistant in real time.

Add brands as “friends”: In 2017 Facebook Messenger, Line or Kik included the option for users of adding organizations and companies as “friends”. Also at the end of the year Apple announced its Apple Business Chat, with the same functionality for their messages. In 2018 users will start talking to brands in the same way they do with their friends; through messaging applications, SMS and even through banking apps. Artificial Intelligence will allow each brand to respond to its customers in a personalized way.

The brands will anticipate the user’s needs: Customer service generates a huge amount of information. In 2018 these data will be more useful than ever, as it will feed the new engines of Artificial Intelligence. A predictive customer service will allow brands to anticipate the needs of the user through the analysis and detection of the patterns of billions of interactions with customers over time.

The early retirement of the number “902” will begin: The commitment of the digital client combined with mobile devices, tablets and data will lead to a considerable reduction in the number of calls. In 2018 users will interact with a virtual assistant and, if it is not able to resolve their doubts, users will opt to chat with a contact center agent in real time. Not even if the problem is really complicated and can not be solved through the chat users will not call 902. In 2018 this step will be integrated into advanced technologies such as WebRTC or IVR-To-digital, allowing users to connect with the agent by voice or video through the app, on the PC or even through television.