GFI Software launches GFI Unlimited: A revolutionary enterprise software subscription

GFI Software launched GFI Unlimited, an innovative subscription model that provides small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with access to all the network and communication security Software they need to boost their businesses with a single subscription. This innovative approach helps GFI’s channel partners become irreplaceable technological allies for their customers as they grow their businesses with consistent and predictable revenues.

“Today, companies need to cope with ever-tightening budgets and have to make their way into a complex supplier panorama when it comes to acquiring the technology they need to run their businesses,” said Scott Brighton, executive director of GFI Software. “With GFI Unlimited we are faced with this challenge: investing millions to develop a catalog of software products, and making them easily available for a flat fee.”

GFI Unlimited’s unique, low-cost subscription provides access to the entire GFI Unlimited software portfolio. Today, this includes more than a dozen powerful and comprehensive network and communication security solutions tested by thousands of users around the world; With the periodic incorporation of new products.

“In today’s environment, SMEs are facing a growing list of challenges, keeping up to date with security threats and compliance requirements to meet their constantly changing communication needs,” said Johannes Kamleitner, senior vice president and director of revenue for GFI Software. “With GFI Unlimited, our trusted partners will be able to help SMEs expand quickly and simplify their it to thrive even more in a constantly changing IT environment, while their own businesses are growing successfully.”

GFI Unlimited is now available and currently includes: GFI OneGuard, GFI OneConnect, GFI LanGuard, GFI Webmonitor, GFI Archiver, GFI MailEssentials, GFI FaxMaker, GFI EndPointSecurity, GFI EventsManager, Kerio Connect, Kerio Control and Kerio Operator. Prices from 24 USD/21.60 EUR per user per annual subscription, including technical support for all products. More information is available at