Gmail will update automatically


Google’s new AMP technology will now be stablished on the world’s most popular email platform, Gmail.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is known because it allows you to see news articles loading very fast. This technology will reach the Gmail emails. They call it “AMP for Email” and will allow service websites to send emails that will be updated.

Right now when you receive an email, what you receive is a text with some image and design. If  an airline sends your flight information, it can only give you the relevant information as it is available when they send it. But what happens if the flight is delayed or there are any changes? With this technology these emails can be updated with new information.

According to information from Google, they are already working on this AMP technology.

For now developers can now test this new platform, but it is a technology that Google will implement in its website and applications for iOS and Android. It is an open platform, so other applications and services such as Outlook or Yahoo could use it.