Goertek makes its debut with a series of intelligent hardware at the CES 2018


At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Goertek Inc. has brought with them VR, AR, and other smart hardware products and solutions.Along with its craftsmanship and innovation, Goertek is promoting its recently developed intelligent hardwares.With continuous innovation, Goertek has focused on both R & D and the manufacture of VR and AR products.

By believing that the lighter and smaller factorsare the key to the future of VR HMD, Goertek has dedicated serious efforts in these aspects.At this year’s event, Goertek exhibits his winning design of the CES Innovation Award- The Elf.This latest Lightweight VR design uses a compact lens solution to reduce 50% of size and weight.In addition to the Elf, Goertek has also introduced an independent VR HMD headset, which can support 6DoF tracking as well as the interaction between the HMD and the users without cameras or external sensors.Other PCbased VRs on the Goertek stand include fresnic + aspheric hybrid lens solution, to which visitors have realized the obvious reduction in size and weight.

When it comes to AR, Goertek sees light weight and large FOV as the direction for AR products.In its lightweight AR solution the Figo2.0, the weight of the device has been reduced while the FOV has been expanded.This wonderful AR product, presents a perfect experience of virtual and real scenarios for users by offering the Birdbath optical solution and high precision film surface technology.