Goodbye to Passwords! Webauthn is the future of mobile devices

WEBAUTHN is the new standard that will regulate user authentication, making it no longer necessary to learn combinations of endless numbers and letters.

This platform is supported by Google, Mozilla and Microsoft, and, instead of the password, bets on biometric identification systems to which mobile users of the next generation are more accustomed.

WEBAUTHN will allow a user to be able to identify unequivocally in a system or browser using the fingerprint or his own face, as well as entrust his identity to a second device (a mobile, tablet). WEBAUTHN works in a coordinated way on multiple devices.

“Offering an alternative that works on both devices, applications and browsers or Web pages, consolidates our commitment in a future without passwords,” said Dave Bossio, head of Microsoft’s operating systems security.

The new standard will be implemented gradually by leading browsers and organizations around the world; The next step will be given by the big ones (Microsoft, Google and Apple) applying the new standard on their systems and making the user only need their fingerprint, face or a mobile device, to identify themselves safely and without needing to remember complex Passwords.