Google Allo chat will work until March 2019 

According to information recently published Google plans to disable the Allo chat application in the mid-2019. So did the company know through the publication of information on their Google Blog, confirming an imminent disappearance of the product.

The launch of Allo, was done two years with many expectations, but with the published information is reported to work until March 2019, when users will have to download the conversations they want to save. Meanwhile, Google will focus entirely on the development of messages, its other Android phone chat application.

Earlier this year, Google announced that it was working with mobile operators in a new standard of Rich Communication Services (RCS), an update to classic SMS text messaging, to make messaging work better in Android devices, and offer users functions such as reading receipts and a perfect group.

Google also announced on its blog that it is developing to support another of its chat applications, hangouts, until it makes two of its business applications, hangouts chat and Meet, available to non-paying users.

Google has always had a complicated and disordered strategy when it comes to chat applications, and has removed a list of communication products, including the original GChat, the Buzz social Network and the Wave collaboration tool. Earlier this year, he announced that he was closing his social network Google Plus, after discovering a security error that left exposed the private data of the profile.