Google Assistant for car with handsfree voice control from Anker and JB 

With some pressure, Google is updated by partnering with third-party brands to further expand the reach of Google Assistant.

This is a new area is the connected car technology, which is done through a scatter approach that often involves embedded entertainment systems, Apple’s play, the Google Android Auto and now Alexa and Google’s assistant.

So at the start of CES, consumer electronics companies Anker and JBL announced new devices equipped with the Google Wizard that connect through the 12 volt car lighter port, working as a way to improve their Technology on the road with hands-free voice control and music playback, among other features.

For Anker, this is an extension of its existing ROAV line of vehicle adapters and loader combinations, and its new Google model is called Roav Bolt.
As well as the live Roav of last year, which was based on Alexa, this is powered exclusively by the Google Assistant.

The price of the Bolt is $50, has all the features, including calls and hands-free messages, navigation and music playback.

The Anker model also has two USB ports type a standard (but soon they will be a bit outdated) for charging. The Bolt has Bluetooth 5.0, as well as an auxiliary port for physical connections, and you can basically handle any of the voice commands you would normally run on a Google home page or similar device.

While the JBL Link Drive has no ports to load. It costs a little more than $60. However, considering it’s JBL, the device comes with some ingenious noise-canceling functions to ignore ambient noise such as traffic and wind to capture voice commands.

It maintains a connection with the car stereo, either through the auxiliary port or Bluetooth. You can also turn it off automatically when you use the “OK Google” start phrase, so you can speak clearly with the device without music.