Google Chrome Mark the HTTP webs as insecure

If you have a Web page with HTTP protocol, it is time to change it to HTTPS, or else users entering it from Chrome will be frightened by the browser itself, which has begun to point out this domain as Potentially insecure.

It is not a surprise, especially since Google warned that this would happen and facilitated the date several months ago. That’s why thousands of websites around the world have accelerated the process of adopting the HTTPS protocol, much safer than the old one.

Right now, if you access a Web with HTTP, next to the URL you will see a message that says it is not safe, in contrast to it is sure to show the others. Needless to say, for the user is a very important message and that can make you immediately leave the Web.

The encryption of HTTPS is the new favorite standard of Google Chrome and soon it will be of all the browsers, leaving the HTTP as part of the history of Internet and little more.