Google Duo now supports video calls from eight people 

The application of integrated videochat of Android, is receiving support for call between eight people. That compares with 32 for FaceTime, four for WhatsApp, 50 for Skype and 50 for Facebook Messenger.

The new feature is now available in iOS and Android versions of the application. Duo is also the default video chat service for Google’s smart screens, transcended that its group call functionality is unique to mobile devices at launch.

In that sense, it means that there are no group calls through the Duo Web client, which was launched earlier this year. If you need to make a video call through a browser and you must do so using the Google Video Call service, the company-centric Hangouts are a better option at the moment.

For business users will be available from next year. Together with group calls, Duo is also getting a new way of saving data in countries like Indonesia, India and Brazil.
This app has become very popular in India, a market that Google has directed to local ads, and where it even offers cash rewards to encourage people to get their friends to register.

Also, video messages, which you can leave for people when they can’t attend a video call, can now also be drawn or customized with text and emojis.