Google I / O 2019: Updates and novelties 

This Tuesday, Google revealed a series of recent advances in the field of Artificial intelligence. Among other things, the assistant is receiving a significant speed increase, not only because he no longer has to say “Hey Google”, thanks to the models algorithmic onboard, Duplex comes to Chrome.

Below are the highlights so far of Google I/O 2019:

Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL lower cost 

Smartphones have always been status symbols. The Pixel 3a does not have the capacity of Pixel 3, but at $400 ($480 for XL), is half the price.

Speed in next Generation Google Wizard

The next iteration of the Google Wizard, which should affect the Pixel phones later this year, is fast. Understand the words in real time and respond up to 10 times faster than the current version. 
Smart Screen Nest Hub Max

Google decided to take your smart Home Hub screen and remove the best feature by adding a camera. It now offers gesture control and a larger screen. Now it will look like any smart device connected to the Internet in your home.
Android Q will count live video subtitles and more

Users will enjoy a new “dark mode” battery saver; in real time, on demand subtitles; And more than 50 new security and privacy features.

Incognito mode for maps and search

In an era of almost daily data violations, fraudulent calls, email scams, and government surveillance, Google is implementing a set of new privacy protection features, including a new incognito mode for Maps.
Google Search adds AR updates

A great upgrade to your Visual Lens search function that allows users to search for information on any object that can identify your phone’s camera. Users will soon be able to take advantage of AR’s animations in their research and purchases to get a better idea of how systems work.