Google launched ‘Where is Wally?’

The Google Web browser, through its Google Maps localization application, launched an interactive game in which its users can find Wally, the caricature created by the British Martin Handford in 1987, within the same application.

This game will be available “for a few days,” says the finder’s portal, which indicates some instructions for playing. The first level focuses on the Cordillera de Los Andes, Peru; The second location is at Surfers Paradise beach, Australia; The third level is at the Olympic Stadium in Pyeongchang, South Korea; The fourth level is in Buñol, Spain, and the last level is centered in Hollywood, California. At the end of the first five levels around the world, the game will provide the option of a secret level.

To start the game you must open Google Maps in the search engine, click on the Left tab of the screen and find an option that indicates “share location: where is Wally? Start the game.”