Google launches web version of ANDROID messages and is now available

Google continues to cut distance with WHATAPP and other instant messaging platforms to become the new industry leader. Now you have just made available to the millions of Android users the platform posts (Android messages) for Web, making the chat even further away from the mobile device.

Google already put to work the page translated into Spanish where you can activate the Web app for Android messages and use it from your computer even with your smartphone at rest just reading a QR code, similar to what I implement WhatsApp a few years ago , in fact the operation of both platforms is the same

The web version of Android messages is available for Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and also with Microsoft Edge, although the update will be introduced gradually and maybe you should be patient to have it available on your device.

Among the options of the desktop version Android messages, we will find the possibility to activate or deactivate the notifications, show a preview of the messages in the notifications, dark mode or the possibility to remember a computer Specific to avoid having to associate the device each time you want to use the desktop version.