Google opens to Learning Center in New York 

Google opened a space in which to offer free courses and practical workshops for members of the community. Although Amazon chose not to move to New York City, Google is setting up a store with completely different reasons.

The search giant announced that it will establish a temporary learning center in the Big Apple that will offer workshops and practical courses.

The Google NYC Learning Center, located on the ground floor of the company’s offices in Chelsea, opened its doors and will operate for the next five months.

The site will occupy a space of 11.000 square feet and house three separate classrooms where the community can attend a variety of classes focused on digital skills.

The Center will also reserve several hours per week to organize individual training and training sessions. People will be able to ask direct questions to Google employees and learn more through practical and focused sessions.

The Center will be open six days a week. Google has included its course schedule for prospective guests to watch online.

The Google NYC Learning Center is part of the “Grow with Google” initiative, launched for the first time in 2017. As part of that project, the giant has pledged to spend $1 billion to help people adapt to an ever-increasing digital world and learn new skills.