Google paused temporarily updates Android Q beta

A few hours ago Google released the fourth beta version for Android Q, which was available through OTA’s for pixels updates and could have suggested an improved facial unlock for future devices.

However, some Pixel users who downloaded and installed the Over-The-Air update have encountered some drawbacks; their phones were “rebooted” and entered a constant restart state.

As a result, Google said it is pausing the release of the latest Beta while analyzing these problems.

“We are aware of a problem with Android Q Beta 4 related to installing upgrades. As we investigate the problem, we have temporarily paused Beta 4 OTA updates on all Pixel devices. We apologize for any inconvenience and will provide you with an update once the problem is resolved, “Google claimed.

Some suggest that this is why you should not install beta software compilations on your primary phone. No matter how standardized it has become in recent years with Google and Apple offering public beta versions.