Google Stadia will allow you to offer game subscriptions to the editors 

Phil Harrison, head of the Stadia Games transmission service from Google announced that publishers will be able to offer their own game subscriptions through the broadcast service.

During the E3 Live YouTube show, Harrison said he expects publishers to start thinking about their own subscriptions “in a relatively short order” and that Google will support that on the platform.

The head of the new transmission service did not come to say which publishers would be offering a subscription through Stadia, simply stating that they will probably be “publishers that have larger catalogs and more meaningful alignments.”

Electronic Arts would be a prime candidate. The publisher offers EA Access, a subscription service that allows users to download a selection of their games on Xbox One and, soon, PS4 for a single monthly fee.

EA has already confirmed that it will offer games through Stadia, although it has not yet announced specific titles. Adding subscriptions to the editor gives people more options on how to pay for Stadia, but it risks making the price of the game transmission service even more complicated.

Many predicted that the service would be a “gaming Netflix,” which offers unlimited games for a single monthly fee, but Google said it initially expects users to pay for most of the games individually as well as a monthly subscription.