Google will block your applications on uncertified Android phones

Google has started to block its applications on certain Android devices that have not paid the “canon” to Google to certify the operating system.

Remember that although Android is an Open Source system, if you want to use the Google software you have to go through the box; is the way to monetize your operating system of this company.

How to check if your phone has been certified

How to check if your mobile has been certified a way to recognize if you have a certified Android mobile or not to check if Google Play came preinstalled or not. If I did not, probably the brand has not paid to Google to use Android, and that can lead to problems in the medium term. Other times you are warned that the device is not official when accessing the application store itself.

Another way to know if you have purchased a device certified by Google is to go to Settings > Phone information > certification. If it has not been, on the web to which you forward this option will appear such warning.

Finally, if you have Google Play, open this app. Then access settings and go down. In device certification must appear certificate.