Google’s Android app reduction extends to all developers

Last year, Google introduced the Android app package, a publication format designed to reduce the size of installed installations.

Already the beta version culminated and is available to all developers, which means that all applications now have the potential to be friendlier with their phone in terms of storage and memory.

The feature comes with new delivery options: On-demand, which installs functions only when needed or in the background; and conditional, which controls which parts of an application to install according to the user’s country, device functions, or the minimum SDK version.

The experiences are fully compatible, so you only need to load an artifact for your application and the experiences of Google Play instant.

According to the internet giant itself, around 80.000 applications and games that use this feature are in production, with an average size savings of 20 percent, leading to an 11 percent elevation in the facility.

It all suggests that users are more willing to download (and keep on hold) an application that exerts less pressure on their phone, and will somehow contribute to eradicating that annoying “full storage” notification that haunts users.