GPUs AMD Radeon High performance boost the new Mac Pro 

AMD announced that its new GPUs AMD Radeon Pro Vega II will be included in the new Mac Pro. The AMD Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs, developed on industry-leading 7NM process technology, provide innovative levels of graphics performance for computing-intensive tasks, including rendering, 8K video, video effects and other high-quality content-creation workloads.

The AMD Radeon™ Pro Vega II GPUs provide exceptional computational performance by leveraging the GPUs of the AMD Radeon Vega family of 7nm, the ultra-fast high-bandwidth memory (HBM2) and the AMD Infinity Fabric Link GPU Interconnect technology, which enhances dramatically the speed of data transfer between the GPU. The AMD Radeon™ Pro Vega II GPU offers up to 14 TFLOPS of single precision floating point performance (FP32) and up to 28 TFLOPS of partial precision floating point performance (FP16), are optimized to enhance demanding professional applications.

“Today’s high-level professional content creation applications are driving an insatiable need for ever-increasing levels of processing and memory capabilities,” said Scott Herkelman, corporate vice president and general manager, Radeon Technologies Group at AMD. Equipped with the GPUs Radeon Pro Vega II, the new MAC Pro offers computational power and memory bandwidth to feed ultra-high screen resolutions that help dramatically accelerate content creation and computing workloads, allowing creative professionals to focus on releasing their creativity and delivering results. “

“AMD continues to develop incredible graphical technologies to accelerate workflows for professionals who rely on DaVinci Resolve for faster color correction and editing,” said Dan May, president of Blackmagic Design. “Radeon Pro Vega II delivers exceptional performance, especially when DaVinci Resolve is put to work with 8K video sequences combined with multiple filters.”

The key capabilities and features of the AMD Radeon™ Pro Vega II GPUs include:

Advanced Computing Performance: The AMD Radeon™ Pro Vega II GPU delivers up to 14 TFLOPS of single-precision FP32 performance and up to 28 TFLOPS performance of Half-precision.

Support for GPU interconnect technology Infinity Fabric Link: With a memory acceso1 equal to 84 GB/s for low latency, scalable GPU interconnect technology allows GPU-to-gigabit communications up to 5 times faster than PCIe® Gen 3 interconexión2 speeds.

Ultrafast HBM2 Memory: 32 GB High-speed HBM2 memory offering a 1TB/s memory bandwidth, which provides the memory capacity and data transfer speeds required by high-display multi-screen configurations Resolution, 8K video and other demanding content creation workloads.