Granny Gamer tells her story and how the gaming approached her family more

In HyperX, when we say “We are all gamers”, the truth is that we refer to all and Mrs. Isabel Martinotti, the “Grandmother gamer” as we know the gamers in Latin America, is the perfect example of this.

Isabel is going to be 84 years old, she started playing when her grandson Germán was only 9 years old – now he is 27 so she has more gaming experience than many of us – and told us she loves it and wants to continue doing it for many more years.

“It all started because my grandson began to go out alone and I started playing with him (video games) and there we could talk more and I could learn more about my grandson’s life and advise him (…) Which allowed me to have a much more open relationship with him, “Grandma Gamer told us, who also said that gaming became a breeding tool for her with her grandson.

For Grandma Gamer Finding a space of understanding with her children and grandchildren has been the secret for them to become “good human beings” and that’s what makes her feel proud of her work as a mother.

From those beginnings, Granny Gamer is now an enthusiast and a fan of the franchise of Final Fantasy and Witcher 3, which has ended about 4 times. “If I can do it, anyone can do it, especially if the games-as she says with affection-can serve to generate something wonderful with your family,” Isabel added.

About whether she thinks we’re all gamers, Grandma says that “there are people who play cards, others who play cross-word and I love games. This is not old and anyone can do it, besides it helps you to exercise your mind and to find solutions for problems “, which allows us to continue working the intellect.

After that demonstration of wisdom, we had to ask him if he had any advice for the younger gamers and without hesitation he told us: “Enjoy every second of life and let those who play remember to rest. Play, rest 15 minutes, take a hike, exercise the body and then keep playing. ”

HyperX: We are all gamers 

The campaign “We are all gamers” is more than an advertising initiative for HyperX, is a statement of its values, among which is highlighted inclusion. Ariel Plabnik, HyperX’s business development manager for the Southern Cone, says Grandma Gamer’s case “really proves that gaming has no age, no gender, it’s just a matter of wanting and finding an activity to share with the ones we love most”.

That is also why the brand emphasizes that all its allies, whether they are influencers, professional players or members of the gamer community, are part of the #HyperXFamily. “This is super important to us because it reflects our values,” stated Plabnik, who added that “the treatment we give to our allies is of great respect and camaraderie. We believe that each of those who are part of our team, either directly or indirectly, are a fundamental part of our success and our family. ”

In the rest of the families, Ariel Plabnik also tells us that changes are being seen every day. “Currently it is more common (the gaming), it is transforming into something more everyday and many parents are listening to more stories about the tournaments, events and activities that are done in the industry that help make the vision wider and not just about the hours that Your child is in front of the computer or console, “he added.