Great opportunities for data centers in Brazil

The growth of data centers is expected to bring many opportunities in Brazil. Capturing big data and transforming its information into tools, in order to increase competitiveness, provides important opportunities for business, and this has become a key aspect to the growth of companies.

However, for this to happen, it is first necessary to address regulatory and storage issues, says Jarbas José Valente, vice president of telecoms regulator Anatel. Once these problems are resolved and data centers are installed, Brazil should receive more opportunities in this field.

According to the executive, a company that already benefits from this strategy is the online retailer Amazon. When a customer makes a purchase, the company gives recommendations in the interests of customers who previously purchased the same product.

Currently, about 35% of sales come from these recommendations and this is a smart way to analyze the profiles of users and take advantage of this knowledge. Just like Amazon, many companies are implementing big data management, which will bring good results for the industry in the coming years.


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