Grupo CSI proposes the intelligent attention of the Digital client as the axis of the new era of the economy 

The Mexican consortium of Technology generating companies of the last generation, unveils the priorities that the companies of any industry must have To stay competitive in the new era of the economy.

According to their vision, knowledge and experience, organizations must transform their business models in a deep and constant way so that they adapt to the new needs and preferences of the Digital client, supported by tools that operate in Real time and let you know it, to take care of it in an “intelligent” and more dynamic way.

According to the Internet MX Association, in Mexico there are 79.1 million of users of this Global network that connect more than eight hours a day. This makes potential customers of any product or service in what CSI group calls digital customers to be reached by means of devices, apps, social networks and other technologies that use.

On the other hand, according to the review made by Alejandro Casado, General Manager of operations of the Mexican Institute of Teleservices (IMT) of the executive report of priorities of the consortium Contact Center Weekly made by Forrester: “Among the priorities Company generals for the year 2020 are: Reduce customer effort, automate your experience, achieve your proactive commitment, make a “trip” mapping you did before and after a purchase and, improve your technology”.

The recommendation of Grupo CSI is to make a business strategy based on this Digital client (both those who are already users, and those who are target of a marketing campaign) that can include a reengineering of the processes of relationship with the client From the stages of marketing, sales and services.

“We suggest improving the attention of the user or prospect using the technologies of social networks, mobility, analytics, cloud, Internet of Things (SMACi) and Artificial Intelligence (IA), to make it more dynamic and fruitful, or Which is the same, giving you a total experience of the customer or total client experience, in English, to generate your fidelity and recommendation, “said Francisco Guerra, Director of marketing and innovation for Grupo CSI.

A quick way to achieve this is to outsource some of the business processes (BPO), a market where Mexico occupies the fourth place worldwide, with a value of 2,752,000 dollars, according to the study of global competitiveness of the industry BPO-KPO/ITO (business processes, knowledge and IT outsourcing, respectively) of 2017, of the IMT. For example, outsource customer service, avoids the expense of creating an internal area for this activity and allows integrating the SMACi and IA technologies.

Grupo CSI’s value proposition to serve the new Digital client includes:

  • Meet the customer. Have a thorough knowledge of the user to predict his next steps. Gather detailed information to be able to identify your purchasing behavior and detect trends.
  • Marketing campaigns with high precision. Use the deep knowledge of the Digital client to have a greater understanding of their consumption habits. Set up shooters that will automatically send you personalized marketing messages via SMS (short text messages), email, and application notifications. Send you custom-made recommendations, predict your purchase cycles to proactively avoid defections, complaints, etc.
  • Keep Customers engaged. Interact with them through their preferred means of contact. Manage multi-channel marketing efforts in a unified way.
  • Acquire new customers. Execute “boarding” campaigns and activation by means of integrated efforts through digital platforms, in addition to using the traditional means of communication.

Benefits of “intelligent” Digital Customer care for organizations:

  • Achieve proactivity with current and future users to anticipate their needs.
  • To interact under the terms of their consumers, determining the experience they seek and generate it through the digital and physical channels of contact.
  • Attract and retain the best customers for your product or service.
  • Improve your sales processes.

Grupo CSI is a leader in providing BPO services based on the generation and use of state-of-the-art technologies, the telecommunications, banking, logistics, and energy and government sectors. It has at least eight of the most recent international certifications in terms of security, custom software development, process analysis and quality of service, which enable it to serve its customers based on the highest standards at the level World.